Team Sativa Cassidy Dog Cloth Face Mask

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Dust Respirator is made ade of premium cotton which can provide a comfortable protective layer. Keeping you away from air particles and pollutants. Help to prevent coughing and sneezing water from entering the nose and mouth. 

This Face Mask with Filters and a breathing valve can allow air to enter the body while keeping moisture out. The Gym Face Mask also keeps you away from toxins and harmful substances in the air. These are washable, reusable, and can be folded for easy carrying.

This Cassidy Dog Cloth Face Mask can be used to protect you from harmful dust particles, vehicle exhaust, woodwork, pollen allergies, and fumes. Ideal for people living in or traveling to areas with high air pollution/smoke levels and suitable for motorcycles, electric bicycles, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor sports.



  • 7" x 4.75" with two sets of earholes to fit most children and adults.
  • Reusable/washable, soft, breathable, dustproof, windproof cloth cover made of Polyester, spandex, and cotton. 
  • Helps prevent contact of respiratory droplets and micron particles. 

    Slow the spread and preserve medical-grade gear for healthcare professionals. A cloth face cover offers 0% protection against viruses and are for personal use. THEY ARE NEITHER MEDICAL DEVICES NOR PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (“PPE”). Masks do not mean individuals should ignore recommendations of SOCIAL DISTANCING, WASHING YOUR HANDS AND REFRAINING FROM TOUCHING YOUR FACE. FOLLOW THE LATEST ADVICE OF PUBLIC HEALTH AUTHORITIES.