Team Indica Aluminum Water Bottle

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The Team Indica Water Bottle is made with high-quality BPA-free elements. So, that you can have a safe drink. It keeps your drink ice-cold and it won’t transfer flavors, won't sweat, and does not rust. This Insulated Water Bottle comes with a plastic lid on its mouth for easy drinking and a very simple bottle shape.

The Aluminum Water Bottle is printed with the "Ulcerative Colitis Awareness" letter in its body. It makes the bottle unique and it also shows the symbol of the company. The bottle can carry 20 oz of water at a time. It will keep water cold, fresh, and smell-free.

Our Leakproof 20 Oz Water Bottles are convenient that fit in most cup holders, backpack pockets & in your hand when adventure calls. They help you stay refreshed & hydrated for an active lifestyle. The bottles are very helpful when you are out of your home.