Team Hybrid Canvas Bag

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The Reusable Grocery Bags has long and wide handles for easy carrying by hand or over. The handle is 8.27” long to fit anybody type. Durable fabric ensures that the bag will not break. Practical gift for family and friends.

The Team Hybrid Canvas Bag special fabric is easy to clean. Simply use a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt and let the bag air dry. The shopping bag is collapsible for easy storage if not in use. Simply fold and place the bag into the built-in pocket, then buckle. 

A great alternative to single-use plastic bags, which are often not recycled, and frequently pollute waterways and other public areas. Choose a fashionable and eco-friendly way to protect our Earth. Keep this Large Shopping Bag in your handbag and car for emergencies or outdoor activities.


  • 19"W x 12"H x 4-1/2’D
  • 22" Handles