Happiness Is Home Grown Cloth Face Mask

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Grown Cloth Face Mask is a machine washable small/medium-sized adult face masks are made from a very soft 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend material. Our facemasks and have a soft to the touch blended fabric that allows the mask to retain both its shape and color through multiple items of washing. The back of head elastic strap provides relief of tension around ears and the contoured fabric panel wraps securely around the bridge of the nose for a great fit. The back elastic strap allows for the mask to hang around the neck while not in use.

Happiness Is Home Face Mask masks arrive at you with an optional filter inserted inside of the mask for an additional layer of filtration. Our masks are compatible with most filter inserts. Simple, innovative, one-piece, one size fits all facemask to help represent. The Medical Cannabis Community with your favorite design while doing your part to combat COVID19.


  • 7" x 4.75" with two sets of earholes to fit most children and adults.
  • Reusable/washable, soft, breathable, dustproof, windproof cloth cover made of Polyester, spandex, and cotton.
  • Helps prevent contact of respiratory droplets and micron particles.

Slow the spread and preserve medical-grade gear for healthcare professionals. A cloth face cover offers 0% protection against viruses and are for personal use. THEY ARE NEITHER MEDICAL DEVICES NOR PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (“PPE”). Masks do not mean individuals should ignore recommendations of SOCIAL DISTANCING, WASHING YOUR HANDS AND REFRAINING FROM TOUCHING YOUR FACE. FOLLOW THE LATEST ADVICE OF PUBLIC HEALTH AUTHORITIES.