Team Indica Cassidy Dog Cloth Face Mask

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In collaboration with Illinois State Representative, Kelly Cassidy, and her amazing dog, Jack, The Medical Cannabis Community is raising awareness to support an organization that is mutually near and dear to our community.

Named after one of the great pioneers in the cannabis industry, Jack Herer, Kelly's dog graciously gave us his take of Indica vs Sativa faces. Perfect for all our pup lovers, we believe this is a design you will both enjoy and support.

Net proceeds from these designs will benefit Paws Giving Independence, a 501(c)(3) organization this year that is focused on training service dogs to assist people with a variety of different disabilities while providing support to encourage independence. PGI educates the public about the benefits of service dogs and encourages animal rescue by obtaining many of our animals from shelters and rescue groups. 


Simple, innovative, one-piece, one size fits all facemask to help represent The Medical Cannabis Community with your favorite design while doing your part to prevent the spread of airborne respiratory droplets.

  • 7" x 4.75" with two sets of earholes to fit most children and adults.

  • Reusable/washable, soft, breathable, dustproof, windproof cloth cover made of Polyester, spandex, and cotton. 

  • Helps prevent contact of respiratory droplets and micron particles. 

Slow the spread and preserve medical-grade gear for healthcare professionals. A cloth face cover offers 0% protection against viruses and are for personal use. THEY ARE NEITHER MEDICAL DEVICES NOR PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (“PPE”). Masks do not mean individuals should ignore recommendations of SOCIAL DISTANCING, WASHING YOUR HANDS AND REFRAINING FROM TOUCHING YOUR FACE. FOLLOW THE LATEST ADVICE OF PUBLIC HEALTH AUTHORITIES.