Happy Chanukah Canvas Bag

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Cotton canvas Bags are medium size and measure. Image printed on both sides of the bag. The 20+ pound weight capacity lets these cotton shopping totes do double duty as sturdy cloth grocery bags. And, the natural canvas color allows the unique print designs to stand out but still work well for any occasion. All cotton tote bags are machine washable on cold and can be tumbled dry medium.

Happy Chanukah Canvas Bag is great to use as an everyday tote, a library book tote, beach tote, laptop tote bag, or as eco-friendly cloth reusable grocery bags. Wrap your Christmas gifts or birthday presents in a cute canvas tote bag as a unique, environmentally conscious alternative to wrapping paper! There are so many good reasons to reach for a modern cotton tote bag or reusable food shopping tote, but these cool prints make each soft canvas tote bag fun to use too.